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Welcome to LTT Global

LTT Global, a global pioneer and a multi award winning mobile learning company. We have been participating, understanding, tracking and creating awareness through various initiatives, since 2004, to encourage and support the growth of the mobile learning eco system. The company's vision is to enrich and empower organization from human capital development to human digital human resource solutions. Mobile Learning is an effective and cost efficient solution that compliments and empowers your organization's human capital development initiatives. Education has the ability to change lives, and is a dynamic and driving force anywhere in the world.

Why LTT Global?

Our digital learning portals are in-line with United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal #4, promoting quality learning content, inclusive learning opportunities and to encourage lifelong learning.

  • Established in 2004, LTT Global, a global pioneer and a world-class, award-winning digital learning solutions company.
  • As your trusted partner, we design, develop, and deliver Digital Learning Solutions to suit your organization’s requirement and budget, servicing across all sectors including Technology, Science, Healthcare, Pharma, Finance, Retail, Hospitality, Automotive, Defense and Education.
  • We have a highly skilled, creative and diverse team who are passionately committed and dedicated to deliver digital learning solutions that transform our clients’ organization.
  • We answer your “what, why & how” and provide you with holistic, cost effective and efficient solutions to empower organizations.
  • One Of The World’s Leading And Most Diverse Content Bank and comes with Content Authoring Tool And Learning Management System (LMS) which are customizable to your organization's needs.
  • We are passionate about learning because we know its power and how it empowers individuals and transforms organizations.
  • We are powered and driven by people who think globally and act locally.
  • We know that Digital Learning is an effective and cost efficient solution that compliments and empowers your organization’s human capital development initiatives.

Consultancy Service

Consultancy services using mobile and web technology innovations.

Cost Effective

A broad range of holistic cost effective solutions for a one stop learning and training platform.

Easy to Use

Creating, managing, and delivering digital learning content.

LTT Global actively participates in joint activities together with the public, private sectors and academia to help create awareness and encourage these informal methods of learning, and how it can reach a growing population of people who already possess the mobile device and how we can leverage on this device to promote human capital development.

LTT Global is a key learning partner for projects, among others, in Malaysia, Indonesia, Nepal, Liberia, Uganda, India and Nigeria. We work with the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation Malaysia, Microsoft Malaysia, Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation, Open Education Europa, World Assembly of Youth, World Peace and Diplomacy Organization(WPDO), German Center for Advanced Engineering and Management Studies, TouchingLives in Nigeria, Manimegalai PPP Indonesia, and Dialogue in the Dark (Community Of Visually Impaired and Blind People) among others.

LTT Global is also the founder of the Asia Pacific Mobile Learning & Edutainment Advisory Panel (APACMLEAP) and the co-founder of the Mobile Industry Group (MOBIG), which is a special interest group. LTT Global provides a broad range of consultancy services to organizations to provide a holistic, cost effective and efficient solutions using mobile technology innovation. We do customized sites as per the needs of the organizations. Our services include consulting, creating, managing and delivering content.

LTT Global, offers top quality service to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction. We offer many effective digital learning solutions plus customize to meet your needs and budget . As an experienced and renowned mobile learning company, we can guarantee that all work will be executed on time and in a professional manner.

Advantages of Mobile Learning!

We make it easy for you, Our Tools Easy For Beginners, Great for Experts!

  • Convenience, Learn Anywhere, Anytime On Any Device

  • Make Good Use Of 'Dead' Time

  • Self-Paced Learning

  • Addresses Different Learning Styles

  • Just in time learning

  • Make engaging courses right away

  • Return On Investment (ROI)

  • Able to Monitor and Track Learners

Suite of Digital Learning Services powered by MyMobileUni aims to power human capital development. It is a membership portal. Today, work has changed, driving the need for continuous learning. In the Mobile Age, one has to continuously update one's self to keep up with the daily changes in technology and job needs. At we source, curate and make available Open-Source Content /Paid Content to facilitate your learning needs. If you are keen to know more about DigitalEdu.Today do email us at

MyMobileEnglish is an MSC Malaysia-Ericsson CSR award-winning program and honoured among Top Innovators at the GSM Mobile Innovation Summit 2007. An innovative program it uses both mobile and web support to learn the English Language which gives the learner 90% activity based experiential learning. Our proven learning methods focus on listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary development. If you are keen to know more about MyMobileEnglish do email us at

MyUniCloud is an Award winning innovative cost effective, easy to use, tractable learning and training platform. Easy for Beginners, Great for Experts. All one has to do is conceptualize the course, upload and set the parameters, test and deliver. It comes complete with a Knowledge Resource Centre, Content Creation Tool, Learning Tracking System and a Social Learning Platform. If you are keen to know more about MyUniCloud do email us at

Awesome Science, Technology, Engineering , Arts and Mathematics awesome resources curated to help children of today find the jobs of tomorrow. StemCareer is a unique site that provides experiential and to use their knowledge to change the world and to achieve United Nations SDG to make the world a better place!

UDo is an expert aggregator mobile application, offering an expert-backed answer to every question via on-demand expert advice at your fingertips. The app features a calling engine which connects users to experts on a call. UDo as a platform can benefit Users who need help, Experts who have time to spare and Companies who are looking for specific databases to reach out to. UDo’s sustainable business model has offerings for both consumers and businesses.

An AI driven solution for talent screening through the use of cognitive computing and video interviewing technology. Our solutions include:
1. Asynchronous Video Interviews
2. Live and Panel Video Interviews
3. On-Demand Expert Freelance Interviewer Marketplace
4. On-Demand Assessments
5. Campus Hiring Solution
6. Talscout Screening as a Service (TSaaS).

iAugmentor enables experiential learning through a vast array of learning ranging from management simulations, intuitive videos, games, story-telling, music, case studies, role plays etc to create a long lasting impact. Its technology platform accessible through on-the-go on the mobile as well as on the desktop, enables a user to improve his/her understanding of various life skills in an interactive manner that is personalized to his needs.

We provide consultancy services to all sectors on how they may embrace digital learning :

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