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Mission Statement :
Mission Statement: The panel aims to attract representatives from the Public Sector, Academia, IT and Telecom Companies, to establish a forum and networking platform for discussion and dissemination on all aspects of Mobile Learning, including research, policy, implementation issues and impact on the government organizations and the society as a whole.

LTT Global Communications has been pioneering mobile learning and in 2007, we had set up The Asia Pacific International Mobile Learning Advisory Panel to lead and support all countries in the Asia Pacific region in the efforts to develop and promote mobile learning infrastructure, applications, devices and content.

Our vision is to make learning accessible and affordable for all, where time and money should not be a barrier for learning if one is keen to learn.

We have as our objectives which we aim to achieve via our advisory panel the following :
1. to take advantage of technology to influence strategic direction and development of national education policy to improve educational and training outcomes.
2. to increase the number of educational organizations, corporate and the government sector making strategic and effective use of mobile technology in human capital development and to bridge the digital divide.
3. To develop a national digital infrastructure and resources strategy leading to greater national coherence, improved reliability and affordability that is sustainable in the longer term.
4. To inform and influence educational decisions by developing and disseminating evidence of the progress and impact of technology in education, technology innovation and effective practice.
5. To encourage research and development to generate high quality learning and edutainment content for the global market.
6. To implement standards, and guidance to support systemic change through ICT that transforms learning and teaching for all.

The panel made up of representatives from stakeholders, including ICT organisations, equipment manufacturers, government, the small and medium enterprise sector, and large corporates. The core group consists of the Executive Board and local and international experts make up the Honorary Advisors Board.

The panel intends to gain insight and will play a role in ensuring all related sectors are involved in the development of ICT regulations and policies.

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