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Mobile Learning Initiatives Recognition

We give out the APAC Mobile Learning Initiatives Recognition since 2008 in conjunction with the annual GoMobile event. Among its objectives was to encourage educational organizations, corporate and government sectors to start making strategic and effective use of mobile technology in human capital development and to bridge the digital divide.

This recognizes institutions and organizations that have taken steps to promote mobile learning vide :

  • Development Of Content And/Or Applications

  • Promoting Mobile Learning Content Through Their Channels

  • Promoting Mobile Learning Vide Workshops/Seminars Or Conferences

The following have been recognized over the years for their contribution to the mobile learning eco system :
"APACMLEAP Mobile Learning Initiatives Recognition" recipients since 2007:

  • Assoc Prof Dr Shuhada, Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM), for her contribution to help create mobile learning content via various games to promote learning on mobile devices.

  • Dr Riaza Mohd Rias, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), for her effort to design and develop learning content for Programming C++ in a mobile environment for her students.

  • Ikhlas Bahar, Brilyan Group, Indonesia, for his efforts to promote mobile learning in Indonesia and in the region since 2007.

  • Muhammad Hazmin Wardi, Yeayyy Sdn Bhd, for his efforts to promote mobile learning games and the learning of Jawi, via game format on mobile.

  • Daniel Chun, Art Group Limited,Hong Kong, for his initiative to offer mobile learning knowledge management administering tools and consultancy application on mobile devices.

  • Maxis Developers Program (MDP) Maxis Developers Program (MDP).

  • KPerak Implementation And Coordination Corporation for their it initiative to develop encourage growth of mobile developers by setting up the necessary labs and facilities for mobile developers.

  • Global Mobile Soft for the I-Studymate which is an authoring tool that is able to convert any digital text image or graphics to be mobile compliant thus enabling people and empowering organizations.

  • Universiti Sains Malaysia, Pulau Pinang for initiative to put physics on the mobile platform based on the paper “Using SMS Mobile Technology For M-Learning For Physics Distance Learners At The Universiti Sains Malaysia”.

  • Taylor's University College for efforts and initiatives in attempting to make available some lecture presentations on the mobile.

  • Open University Malaysia (OUM) for supporting and promoting e-learning and mobile learning for several years now. Among its initiatives include being a strategic partner to the Asia Pacific Mobile Learning and Edutainment Conference since its start.

  • Maxis Academy has started to introduce in phases mobile learning and virtual learning to its staff. They are the first telco in the world to own an island where Maxis Academy is situated in the virtual world as well in Second Life.

  • University Teknikal Malaysia, Melaka (UTeM) as it encourages its faculty and students to research on mobile learning applications and content. Their students Muaz and Hazmin won 2nd place in the Mobile Content Challenge 2007 organised by Maxis, Suruhanjaya Komunikasi dan Multimedia Malaysia (SKMM) and Kementerian Tenaga Air dan Komunikasi ( KTAK). This year their team has also qualified under top 12 in the Mobile Content Challenge 2008.

  • TMNet B-Smart Channel as they started as early as 2005 to expose its subscribers to mobile learning via our SMS-ME-ENGLISH program, its first educational content on the mobile.

  • Atheneum Communications having developed several professional programs on the mobile.

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